A nice workspace!

01.Small space and furniture

How do you set up an office in a small space?

We can use a small space to make it his office. For furniture, opt for a desk with drawers and storage compartments. Otherwise, use the walls to attach pallets or a hanging cabinet. Choose a few simple, yet pleasing to look at decorations.

02. Work and employee welfare

Flex office, a new work

In a company, each employee usually has his or her own individual office. In a flex office, however, the workspaces are divided up according to tasks. Each employee chooses his or her space according to his or her mood and activities of the day.

03. Having an authentic office

How to customize your workspace?

Pour être à l’aise au bureau, il faut le décorer à son goût. Chacun peut personnaliser son espace de travail avec des idées originales. Accrochez des cadres au mur, ajoutez des mots booster comme décoration.

Create a productive workspace

There are many factors that make companies successful (self-confidence, hard work, investment, customers…). All of them are very well studied and every entrepreneur keeps them in mind. The actors in your company are your employees. They are therefore the most able to know what is best for them. Don’t hesitate to go directly to them to ask them about their daily life and to find out about their current problems and their expectations when renovating your premises.

Create a design office

Retro tables, armchairs and chairs
Create a design office

Connected co-working
Facilitating communication between employees

Large meeting room
How to make meetings more productive?

Coffee break corner-kitchenette

Coffee break & corner kitchenette
Relaxing moments

Storage solutions

Storage solutions
How do you keep records?

relaxation and well-being

A corner for relaxation and well-being
Boost your energy!

Wood home decoration

Wood home decoration
Ideas for natural decoration

Dynamic and creative tones

Dynamic and creative tones
Decoration ideas !

Office supplies and equipment
01. Office supplies and equipment
Office supplies go hand in hand with the smooth running of a business. They are used for certain tasks. Examples include calculators, cash registers, telephones, typewriters.

Freelancers, doctors, beauty salon staff, students, lawyers… in some professions, you need to set up your own office at home. Being the personal workspace, it requires a proper layout. One is more motivated to work in a clean, tidy, neat and decorated office.

A small office corner as discreet as it is practical

An office nested in an alcove

An office nested in an alcove

There’s nothing better than putting your desk in an alcove. You can create a Scandinavian design desk, consistent with the style of the room. A desk in an alcove allows you to work in an intimate corner without being disturbed all the time.

An office in the attic

An office in the attic

A discreet office invites itself very well in the converted attic. There is enough room for a small, quiet office in a high position. Right next to the window, you can be inspired by the outside view and the coolness of the wind.

Small office under the window

Small office under the window

An office chair can be placed comfortably under the window. You can take advantage of it to get some fresh air when you feel a little tired. You can reboost your energy under the window.

Organize your office in a tasteful and clever way!

Wall clips

Optimize your workspace by placing clamps or hooks on the wall.This allows you to put your post-it notes, photos...

Metal organizer

It allows you to tidy and organize your desk while raising the screen to eye level for optimal working comfort.

Perforated wall

The perforated wall is a ready-made decoration for an office.It can become a very stylish and trendy decorative panel.

Storage niches

Build storage niches to fit out your office. They can be used for stationery storage or to place decorative objects.

Table lamps

Lampshades, floor lamps... these types of lamps provide brightness to the workspace.

Wall shelf

A wall shelf adds a fresh touch to your interior design, is a very decorative element and can be used as a practical storage surface.

Nice offices for kids!

An office like
in school!

A children's school style desk

The school desk consists of a stool and a table. The latter contains a locker or storage compartments. The child can store supplies, do homework or study on this desk.

A child’s desk with adjustable height

The different models

There are different models of height-adjustable desks. Available in a variety of colours and designs, this desk is suitable for long-term use. The height of the desk can be adjusted to the child’s height using spring profiles.

A child's desk under a mezzanine bed

Children's desk and small space

For a small space, this type of office is perfect. Add colour palettes on the wall for storage. This idea will help to spark a child’s interest in his studies. As soon as he gets out of bed, he sees his desk.