Office design

How to decorate a kid’s desk with style?

A bedroom is a place where a child sleeps, plays and works. He always needs to be comfortable in his room . In this case, his area must be perfectly furnished and decorated. You can ask his opinion, think together…

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Trendy open space design ideas

Equipping your office with a trendy open space is certainly a good choice for an economic reason but also to save space. It is therefore essential to make a layout worthy of this surface without walls or partitions. You must…

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Open space: advantages and disadvantages

Many companies today are opting for the open space formula for their employees. This type of arrangement offers a multitude of advantages to employees. However, open space does have some drawbacks. To learn more about this subject, read this article….

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Classic office vs. open space: what re their particularities?

A spacious workplace, separated by partitions where workers see and hear each other work. The open space has very quickly replaced the classic offices and is becoming the concept of the new head offices of large companies. The particularities of…

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