Nowadays, the decoration of the workplace is very trendy to have a more attractive working environment. Its aim is to create harmony for the well-being of the employees in order to obtain a developed productivity. Currently, Scandinavian design is successful in homes and office decoration.

A brief history of Scandinavian design

The history of Scandinavian decoration began in the 1900s. It was a great success after the end of the Second World War. There are some names of artists and designers who launched the Scandinavian style like Nanna Ditzel, Verner Panton, Kaare Klint and many others. Today, their creations are part of the world heritage of decoration. Today, Scandinavian office decoration is a great success throughout Europe. To better understand the particularities of Scandinavian design, we will define this concept.

Definition of Scandinavian style in decoration

The Scandinavian design is characterized by straight, pure and unadorned lines to create a comfortable and functional interior. This kind of style emphasizes the light colours as on the walls or furniture. Indeed, objects and furniture are inspired by the colours of nature such as pink, golden yellow or green. Wooden objects are very much used in this decoration. Apart from furniture, wood can also be found on the floor.  The Scandinavian style is fashionable in the workplace. Bringing a touch of Scandinavian design to the workplace ensures good concentration and ensures the productivity of the company. Indeed, Scandinavian decoration is simple but very decorative. For example, you can choose a wooden meeting table because wood is very present in this style. In fact, it brings a touch of modernism. What about the investment cost of furnishing your office in Scandinavian style?

Different solutions for Scandinavian style

Scandinavian furniture has a special feature that sets it apart from other designs. Indeed, there are various solutions for Scandinavian office decoration, such as flooring, with the colours on the walls and floor generally being lighter. Therefore parquet is important when talking about flooring for a Scandinavian style. The colour white is ideal for painting walls and parquet. For the decoration of the interior walls, you can opt for graphic and colourful pictures, patterned carpets are recommended if the parquet is light-coloured, such as white, or in a natural colour such as pine wood.