In interviews, workers often ask about proposals for well-being at work. In order to have better productivity, employers must have certain resources to improve the working conditions of employees. With a few techniques and some will, friendships will be forged and this will create a good atmosphere in the workplace. Here are some ideas to motivate employees.

Organize recreational days with colleagues

Working 5/7 days is very stressful, especially with monotonous and rhythmic activities. The idea of having relaxing days is very useful to recharge your batteries. Giving yourself a reason to meet up for a drink with your colleagues at work. Indeed, celebrating a birthday or just going out for a small party outside of work can be beneficial to employees' state of mind. Allow yourself one day every month outside of work days, on a Saturday for example, to get together or go for a hike. This initiative will not have an impact on production time. In short, the simplest thing to do is the after-work on Friday evening after work where everyone can be present. In this way, the atmosphere and cohesion will be guaranteed.

Sport at work

Sport is the simplest and most widely used way to eliminate stress from everyday life. In general, practising any kind of sport guarantees good health which translates into a good mood. To motivate employees, do not hesitate to call on a private sports coach for a weekly yoga session or Zumba session on the premises of the workplace. This is not always enough, it is the intention that counts. They will appreciate the favour and work in a good mood. Practicing sport promotes cohesion and good understanding between colleagues. They will no longer complain about not having time for sport, because with this technique, motivation will be there and productivity will increase.

Flexible working hours

Nothing is more stressful than being under pressure regarding work schedules! So, to improve productivity, consider flexible working hours. Indeed, with a more flexible schedule, employees will be more than motivated. All they must do is respect the established hourly volume. This means that those who arrive early will benefit from leaving a little earlier and those who are late will finish later. This flexibility will help the employee's development, knowing that they are not subject to fixed schedules, but they still must work 8 hours. In conclusion, allowing staff to choose their own working hours will be beneficial for productivity and the quality of the work provided.