Who hasn't dreamt of having a beautiful, impeccable home and decorating it well like in the shops? Sitting quietly in a house that you like and in a soothing harmony, feeling at home. Ideally, a work space adapted to everyone's tastes so that you can be productive is also imperative. If you are forced to work in your office from 8am to 5pm every day while the decoration depresses you, you won't be able to give the best of yourself.

Baroque and futuristic style

For a change, why not try a baroque office decor? It's a style coming from the 16th century, but it's still very original. For people who like bright colours, they will be served since this style emphasizes shades of colours. The term baroque means, in architecture, the sense of detail as well as the notion of what is colossal or phenomenal. In decoration, this style stands out from the others by the use of several elements. A baroque-style office, for example, is an office with a lot of decoration with a lot of detail here and there. As far as futurism is concerned, the dominant colour is only white and a few other dark colours. The most used materials are mostly steel and glass.

Ideas for baroque and futuristic office decoration

So, if you want to adopt the baroque office decor at home, you'll have to focus on a few points. However, since you mix baroque style with futurism, you will have to make some concessions in order to have a good harmony. With the baroque style, black, purple and mauve are the dominant colours. For a good rendering in your office, it is necessary to emphasize black and white with a few notes of other colours such as red or mauve sometimes. Next, the shapes of baroque furniture should be the most dominant, i.e. rounded and arabesque. For the futuristic side, neon lamps are not to be forgotten in your office, it is the very basis.

Pieces for a successful futuristic baroque decoration

To start the room in which your office is located, must be white. Although one might think that the baroque style is out of fashion, some furniture models have been revisited to have a modern touch. For your office chairs, for example, why not opt for a medallion chair or a cabriolet chair for unparalleled elegance? With a baroque office table that is massive and imposing for an effect of grandeur. And for everything that is a source of light, choose neon for the futuristic touch. And finally, as a wall decoration you can put a mirror with neon lights on the edges. Other decorations such as wall watches can also be integrated in your office, let your imagination run wild.