You are tired of your old office, and you want to bring a modern twist to it all? Here's how to choose your trendy storage furniture to bring your office into the modern era. To have a stylish, clean and tidy workspace where you will feel inspired and creative, to be at your best.

Office storage bookcase

Bookcases are a must for a harmonious and efficient office storage unit. Books can be stored by height, thickness, height or according to your taste. But they are not just made for inserting books, but also for displaying designer objects such as original book presses, designer knick-knacks or other decorations. They can also be used to store files that are not confidential, or that often need to be consulted. For a designer look, opt for an unconventional library with pure shapes and trendy colours. They can be with or without doors, glazed or not. It is then up to you to choose the one that will best showcase your office. The size and shape of your bookcase should be chosen according to the volume of your office. They are available in large, small, wide or answered.

Desk chest of drawers

Chests of drawers are more useful for storing items that you don't want to display or office supplies. They can also hold valuable items and stacks of confidential files. Change of clothes, personal items, bills and other items can be stored in them. Above it, decorative objects such as pictures in pretty frames, succulent plants, an original light fixture and other decorative objects can be placed. Chests of drawers can be plain or multicoloured, with one or more doors, with or without drawers. They can be made of wood, metal, melamine or plastic. They can also have patterns that will give more originality to your office storage unit. The trendy chest of drawers of the moment is the Scandinavian one, simple but elegant with its purity and design. You will be able to combine it with furniture of the same style, a beautiful carpet and pretty lights.

Multifunctional desk storage

The office is very often in demand. It is useful for writing, reading, working on one's computer and many others. It is also a storage unit for the desk, as it contains built-in storage space. Usually, drawers are used to store the most used items such as post it, pens, notepads and the most confidential files, which are usually stored in a locked drawer. The most designer desks are often the simplest. Like multifunctional desks, usually made of wood, with clean, modern styles.