Equipping your office with a trendy open space is certainly a good choice for an economic reason but also to save space. It is therefore essential to make a layout worthy of this surface without walls or partitions. You must think carefully about all aspects to obtain a place of well-being and comfort necessary for all your employees to guarantee good productivity. It is quite possible that an open space office can bring positive impacts to all teams, encourage collaboration, conviviality, motivation and dynamics. In order to avoid the problems and disturbances that an open space office can cause, it is essential to arrange the premises well.

Office bench or professional office

Regardless of the configuration and layout you bring to your office, it is important to have the right office furniture for every team. As an example, a secretary or assistant or an administrative manager needs a desk that is wide enough. This work plan must be well functional to store the necessary files and that a computer specialist has the right to access all the electrical and connection installation. For the colour of the furniture, dark colours create depth for large rooms and light colours give more light. But in any case, this defines the atmosphere in the workspace.

Create meeting areas

Meeting areas should be considered for single or group seclusion. These can be a private area with visual and acoustic privacy. This space respects a trendy open-space office by keeping other employees away from disturbances and respecting the confidentiality of conversations. It is sufficient to put fixed or removable partitions for an insulated or glazed space. More specifically, adding meeting areas to an open space layout is very easy to do and organize. Then, it does not require too many special installations.

Think about appropriate lighting and moderate temperatures.

Well ventilated and bright, it is with all this that we find maximum comfort in a trendy open space. So don't forget to provide lights according to the constraints and challenges of the place. The installation must be according to the office with more or less illuminating bulbs. For more well-being in your office, you have to think about temperature constraints. The change of temperature in an open space is very recent depending on the weather and it can become a real nightmare if we do not know how to control it. The lack of air conditioning in summer can cause discomfort to some employees because of the heat. On the other hand, in winter, which is harshly cold, employees complain especially if the glass kisses are poorly insulated. The viable solution is therefore to think about checking the installations before any open space office layout. A certified installer can help you with heating and air conditioning systems.